Mi niña traviesa

Leave it to a Mexican song to remind me of what once was but will never be. 

One more week…

I want to finish this research paper already.

I want to start the research paper then finish it already.

I want to take my finals already.

I want to be drunk already.

I want to be in Italy already.

I want to be in Mexico already.

I want to not have a phone for all summer already.


So turns out that my friend does have a boyfriend, it’s whatever though. In all honesty she is really cool and I am actually a little confused at how much our friendship grew in the span of 10 weeks. I can still remember purposefully walking in late to lab and hoping there was a seat open to a cute girl. I am glad I made that decision. Of course nothing more than a platonic friendship will come about from this, I still had a great time talking to her. She is dope. Why she ever drew a heart with her initials on my arm I will probably never know. All I know that it is her birthday today err yesterday (it is midnight now). I hope she had a great time with her family and her boyfriend. I’ll see her one more time when we take our final, and then we will probably never see each other again. In a way I actually like this. On a brighter side I may go to the lake with one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met, and though nothing between us will happen, I still have the same crush I’ve had on her since I met her and hanging out with her is good enough for me. On a sad note I really need to write in my journal.

Pen Tattoos…

I have not written in my journal for the past month probably. It is sad really. This quarter has just taken a toll on me. Sigma Chi kept me busy as ever and the fact that I enrolled in 19 units, plus I worked and observed a middle school classroom did not help my cause. Anyways, the quarter is almost done, I am almost able to relax.

I do have a question I am waiting for the answer to. How can she claim she has a boyfriend, I see no evidence of this on her social media sites. How can we be great friends and barely know each other at the same time. I mean she drew a heart on my arm and inscribed her initials within the heart. I know I am oblivious to reading signs and I think girls like her are the reason I am illiterate. If she does have a boyfriend all the nice things we talk about, the way she laughs, the way she smiles, and the way she looks at me are just nice gestures. If she doesn’t have a boyfriend then I am reading the signs correctly but I am inhibited in pursuing anything because of that facade she created.

It is whatever though. I am happy and life is going great, there is no need for me to complicate anything.

I am going to be just fine…

It is going to be alright. It is funny how things turned out though.

Earlier in Class Today

  • Friend: The girl you hooked up with looked at you all flirty lol
  • Me: Haha... When? I suck at noticing signals...
  • Friend: Lol idk if you were looking at her but not that long ago hahah
  • Me: I don't remember... How do you know it was flirty?
  • Friend: I'm a girl. I know the different looks girls make. She like looked at you and smiled but she was shy, kind of look! Idk how to explain it but it was cute haha
  • Me: I wish I could have noticed it... Good looking out =]
  • Friend: Lol I got you. I'll be your wingman! I'll take the grenade friends for ya haha